School of Electronic Information Engineering
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School of Electronic Information Engineering was founded in 1978. There are 2807 full-time undergraduate students in the school. The School has one master’s program in Control Science and Engineering as first-level discipline, Communication and Information Systems as secondary discipline, as well as Control Engineering Electronic and Communication Engineering 2 professional master licensing programs. Control Science and Engineeringis akey discipline in Shaanxi Province. Detection Technology and Automation Equipment is the national defense specialty discipline. Currently there are 310 graduate students in the School.

There are 5 undergraduate majors, including Automation, Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Biomedical Engineering.

Based on the national innovation-driven development strategy and the “Belt and Road initiative”, the School undertakes various national science and technology projects such as the national key research and development plan projects, the National Natural Science Foundation projects, the National Defense Science and Technology Commission projects, the Equipment Development Department projects, the projects of Science and Technology Commission of the Military Commission, and other provincial projects. More than 200 academic papers have been published each year, of which more than 40 have been indexed by SCI/EI. In addition, more than 30 national invention patents have been obtained.