School of Liberal Arts
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School of Liberal Arts is seemingly the youngest yet virtually the oldest school in Xi’an Technological University. In June 2019, the previous School of Humanities and School of Foreign Languages have been merged into the brand-new one. In light of its origin, the age of present School of Liberal Arts actually parallels that of the university, which was founded in 1955.

At present, School of Liberal Arts owns a first- level authorized master discipline of Chinese Language and Literature, a second-level authorized master discipline of Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, a professional master’s degree program of Journalism and Communication, along with four high-level research platforms including Research Center of Shannxi Contemporary Literature and Art, Chen Zhongshi Research Center of Chinese Weapon Culture and Research Center for Translation and Dissemination of Chinese and foreign cultures.

The School currently offers first-tier bachelor programs as Chinese Language and Literature, International Chinese Language Education, Drama and Film-and-Television Literature, Internet and New Media, Advertising, English (Specialized directions: Translation and English for Science and Technology), among which the Chinese Language and Literature has been rated the provincial first-class major and the key characteristic specialty in Shannxi Province. There are approximately 1100 students enrolled in this school including postgraduates, undergraduates and international students. There are more than 150 teachers here including 10 professors, 39 associate professors, 6 foreign teachers and 6 well-known external experts. Chen Zhongshi, a master of contemporary literature, was the honorary Dean and director of the Contemporary Literature Research Center. Chen Zeqin and Liu Zidu, masters of contemporary arts, were the former Chinese teachers in our school.