The Introduction of Xi’an Technological University

Xi'an Technological University is located in Xi'an, the ancient capital of civilization. Founded in 1955, it is a high-level key university in Shaanxi Province with a complete educational system for undergraduates and postgraduates, along with three centers for post-doctoral studies. Our university boasts a long history and has formed the school ethos of“loyalty,enterprise,craftsmanship,versatility”and the school motto of“upholding virtues and studies, enhancing knowledge andpractice”with the feature of“focusing on engineering practice and highlighting manufacturing technology”in talent cultivation. In the course of nearly 70 years of development, our university has trained more than 140,000 high-level professional talents with comprehensive quality and strong innovation for the regional economy and national defense industry, which has won wide acclaim from the society.

The campus covers 200 acres with the floor area of school buildings amounting to 800,000 square meters. There are morethan 1,900 faculty members, among which over 600 are with the title of professor or associate professor. There are more than 22,000 full-time students covering undergraduates and postgraduates. The library has a collection of more than 1.78 million books and rich online resources.Our university has one national engineering practice and education center, one national experimental teaching demonstration center, 16 experimental teaching demonstration (virtual simulation) centers in Shaanxi Province,and 4 provincial-level university students'off-campus practice bases. Our university has a engineering training base covering 43,000 square meters, along with 251 undergraduate teaching laboratories and 180 off-campus teaching practice bases.

The university has 17 teaching units, including“optical engineering”,“material science and engineering”and“mechanical engineering”as three doctoral programs with centers for post-doctoral studies, 32 master's programs, and 54 bachelor's programs, covering eight disciplines including engineering,science,management, economics,law,literature,education and art.Six majors have been listed in the“Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program”of the Ministry of Education and 13 majors have obtained engineering education professional accreditation.

Our university highlights technological innovation and focuses on platform and team building. Now it has one national and local joint engineering research center, one national and local joint engineering laboratory, one national science and technology cooperation base, 32 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education or other provincial and ministerial research bases. It is also a pilot university of comprehensive innovation and reform in Xi’an. It has 2 key scientific and technological innovation teams of Shaanxi Province and has the ability to undertake major scientific research projects in advanced optical manufacturing, special processing, high-performance lightweight alloy new materials and other areas. In the past years, our researchers have won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award for 5 times, as well as more than 100 Scientific and Technological Achievements Awards in provincial and ministerial levels. In 2017, we have won the China Industry-University-Research Collaboration Innovation Award.

Our university attaches great importance to fostering an international perspective for our students.We have established stable cooperative relations with more than 50 universities and scientific & research institutions in more than 30 countries or regions such as the United States, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Russia and the United Kingdom. We play an active role in foreign student education and students totaling 220 from 26 countries including the United States, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and so on have come to study in our university. We carry out multilevel international exchange projects and offer corresponding awards and funding for key projects, in order to meet the international needs of all majors and students of all kinds.