School of Mechatronic Engineering
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School ofMechatronicEngineering was established in 1955. There are five undergraduate programs including Mechanical Design & Manufacture and Automation, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Packaging Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Industrial Design, with Mechanical Engineering being the first-grade discipline for master degree and doctor degrees.

With 60 years of construction and development, School ofMechatronicEngineering has gradually developed the research direction characterized by manufacture technology for national defense, including precision measurement and control technique, special machining and fluid lubrication technology, precision machinery design and theory and advanced manufacture engineering, having undertaken 13 research projects of ministries and commissions under the State Council, 9 national nature foundation projects, 75 scientific research projects for national defense, 108 provincial research projects in recent years, with 14 provincial or ministerial awards for science and technology.

The school has more than 140 faculty members, including 32 professors, 45 associate professors, with more than 2900 undergraduates and 200 postgraduates, and a postgraduate supervisor team characterized by high quality and reasonable structure and with famous scholars taken as academic leaders, 10 doctoral student supervisors and more than 50 master student supervisors.

The Main research direction

•NC electrolytic machining technique for gradually speed mixed deep rifle of artillery barrel developed in terms of non-traditional machining and precision machining to greatly increase production rate, yield and life of barrel.

•First set of simulation software and ground winding test system for guidance fiber winding process developed in precision machine design and theory in China.

•First CNC Gear Measurement Center developed in China, including three generations namely CCZ series, 39 series and GD series in terms of precision measurement and control to offer NC test equipment with advanced performance for precision measurement of work-pieces including spiral bevel gear, contrate gear, enveloping worm and complex cutting tool.

•Information-oriented digital platform has been built for new type manufacturing industry based on knowledge resource library for three-dimension design of basic part for machinery as well as knowledge resource library for basic information and process for NC machining developed for information-oriented major equipment manufacturing industry in terms of digitally integrated manufacture technology.