Professor Pan Hongge Selected To Enjoy Government Special Subsidies in 2023
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According to theannouncement ofthe List of Personnel Enjoying Government Special Subsidies in 2023 by the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government, approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council, 10 comrades from universitiesin Shaanxi Province are qualified toenjoy the government special subsidiesin 2023. Pan Hongge,a professor oftheInstitute of Science and Technology for New Energy of XATU is on the list.

Following the inclusion of Professor Yang Zhong and Professor Yu Weide, who have already been selected to enjoy the government special subsidies, this marks the third consecutive term that a teacher of our university has been selected, reflecting the fruitful outcomes of the efforts to build the high-level talent team of our university.

We will continue to strengthen the building of high-level talent teams, ensure the cultivation of academic leaders, vigorously promote the spirit of educators and scientists, and make greater contributions to the further development of our university.