Women’s Basketball Team of Our University won Third Place in the Northwest Division of the CUBAL (China University Basketball League)
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From April 17 to April 27, the 26th CUBAL-China University Basketball League (Northwest Division) was successfully held at Sias University in Zhengzhou. A total of 34 basketball teams from 8 provinces, including Shaanxi, Shanxi, Gansu, and Henan, gathered at the university for this event.

After more than six months of hard training for this competition, our university’s women’s basketball team, under the guidance of our coach Liu Peng, demonstrated excellent teamwork,courage and perseverance to overcame various challenges. They achieved six wins and one loss in seven games over eight days, securing third place of the women’s basketball category in the Northwest Division and successfully advancing to the national top 24.

Women’s basketball is a traditional strength of Xi'an Technological University. Since the early days of the university’s establishment, the women’s basketball team has participated in numerous provincial, national, and international competitions, achieving excellent results. Four team members have been selected for the Chinese University National Team, and two members have joined the WCBA professional league, contributing to the development of basketball in both our province’s universities and those across our country.

Our women’s basketball team has attained lots of achievements. They won the championship in the 4th Chinese University Women’s Basketball Super Cup, and they represented Chinese university students in the World University“Wuqiu -Five Balls”Championships and won the championship. The team also participated in the inaugural 3x3 World University Basketball Championship, securing second and third places, and sweeping the gold, silver, and bronze medals in individual skill competitions. Representing Shaanxi university students, they achieved second place in the women’s basketball competition at the 9th National University Games, and moreover they won third place in the Cross-Strait University Student Basketball Competition. Furthermore, representing Chinese university students, they earned second place in the basketball competition at the 11th Pan Baltic Sea World University Games.What’s more, competing in the Chinese University Basketball League (CUBA), they secured 5th place nationally and have repeatedly achieved runner-up positions in the Northwest Division of CUBA.