Our Research Team Published an Article in the International Top Journal Advanced Materials
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Recently, the research team on wide bandgap semiconductor optoelectronic devices, led by Associate Professor Dong Linpeng and Professor Liu Weiguo from the School of Opto-electronical Engineerin of Xi’an Technological University, published a paper titled "Machine Learning to Promote Efficient Screening of Low-Contact Electrode for Two-Dimensional Semiconductor Transistor Under Limited Data" in the international top academic journal Advanced Materials(IF=29.4).

This research is expected to be applied in multidimensional optoelectronic detection imaging chips, multimodal information storage devices, and high-performance low-power semiconductor devices in the post-Moore era, accelerating the development and iteration of related semiconductor devices and chips. The team's previous work has been published in internationally renowned journals such asCarbon, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,and Nanoscale. This work represents another breakthrough achievement for the team in this field.

Advanced Materialsis a prestigious and authoritative journal in the field of materials science, published by Wiley for over 30 years. The journal focuses on the forefront advances of functional materials in various fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, and related interdisciplinary areas, and has a wide-reaching impact. The journal maintains extremely rigorous standards for the originality and novelty of research. Its latest impact factor is 29.4.

Link to the Paper Mentioned Above:https://doi.org/10.1002/adma.202312887