School of International Education
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School of International Education, established in 2017, as the youngest and most vigorous school, is part of Internationalization Scheme in Xi’an Technological University aiming to build a multicultural campus. Currently the foreign students come from the countries like United States, Pakistan, Nepal, Kazakhstan and Ethiopian etc. SIE who bring diversity and vigor to the campus.

Based on the key majors and the learning needs of foreign students, XATU has launched English-taught degree programs such as Optical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science, Control Science and Engineering, International Economy and Trade, MBA, Computer Science and Technology, etc. Based on the teachers and facilities of Chinese International Education Major in our school, we have initiated a variety of Chinese language training programs.

More than 90% of the teachers have doctoral degrees or its equivalency with overseas learning experience. In addition, XATU conducts a scientific evaluation system to ensure the quality of international education. Furthermore, we actively explores the mode of Chinese and international students studying together in the same classroom so that it could promote academic exchanges between them.

School of International Education are looking forward to witnessing your success here in XATU.