School of Physical Education
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Formerly known as the Physical Education Department,there are 46 faculty members (working with the members of High Level Sports Management Center), including 5 professors, 16 associate professors, 24 lecturers or assistants. Among them there is one with doctoral degree, 27 with master’s degrees, 6 national referees and 32 national first level judges, which constitutes a team with reasonable title structure and complete echelon. At present, School of Physical Education offers two undergraduate majors as Physical Education and Social Sports Guidance and Management, with more than 200 teachers and students. Our school has jointly undertaken four national-level scientific research projects, 12 provincial, ministerial or bureau-level projects.

Physical Education

The major of Physical Education takes charge of the teaching, training and competition tasks of our university, and is aimed for cultivating applied talents engaged in sports scientific research and sports management.

Main Courses: Physical Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Track and Field, Ball (including Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Small Ball, etc.), Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Sports Introduction, Sports Psychology, Physical Training, Management.

Social Sports Guidance and Management

The major of Social Sports Guidance and Management highlights students’ practical skills. In 2017 and 2018, the contracting rate of graduates was more than 98%.

Main Courses: Sports Anatomy, Sports Physiology, Nutrition, Principles of Machinery Manufacturing, Public Relations Etiquette, Marketing, Accounting, Business Negotiation, Mass Entertainment and Fitness, Community Sports Guidance, Sports Economic and Management, etc.